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Nomadic's Pop Up Stands offer a premier portable display solution tailored for dynamic businesses seeking to excel in their promotional efforts. These stands are meticulously designed for on-the-go presentations, ensuring you can make a powerful brand statement wherever you are. The ease and speed of setup are unparalleled, allowing you to transition from carrying case to full exhibition in just minutes, without the need for tools or extensive labor. Furthermore, these stands come with a variety of accessories and lighting options, providing a complete solution for exhibitors looking to enhance their display and engage with potential clients in a more impactful way.

Change The Way You Exhibit With Our Pop Up Stands

Our Pop Up Stands not only provide a visually striking platform for your marketing materials but also boast durability and versatility. They are engineered to withstand the rigors of travel and frequent use, making them a cost-effective investment for your marketing arsenal. Additionally, their modular design means they can be easily reconfigured or updated with new graphics, ensuring your messaging remains fresh and relevant for every event.

The ingenuity behind their modular design allows for effortless reconfigurations or updates with new graphics. This adaptability ensures that your messaging not only catches the eye but also stays current and engaging for every occasion. Beyond their functional benefits, these stands offer ease of assembly and disassembly, making them perfect for exhibitors who need a reliable, no-fuss solution. The lightweight yet sturdy construction means they can be transported without hassle, ensuring your brand's presence is prominent wherever you go. Furthermore, the ability to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of accessories and lighting options elevates the overall impact, making your stand a beacon for potential clients in any exhibition hall

Pop up stand

Why Choose Our Pop Up Stands?

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Nomadic Display pop-up stands are designed for hassle-free assembly, requiring no tools. The frame unfolds and locks into place quickly, allowing for a professional setup in minutes

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Offering high-resolution, customizable graphics, these stands ensure your brand stands out. Tailor your display with bold colors and sharp imagery to capture your audience's attention

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Engineered for convenience, these stands are lightweight and collapse into a compact size for easy transport. They come with wheeled cases, making them ideal for exhibitors on the go

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Inventors of Pop Up Stands

Over 40 years ago, the Pop Up Stand was pioneered by Ted Zeigler, the visionary behind Nomadic Display. Nomadic's Instand pop up frames boast an unparalleled "No Questions Asked!" Lifetime Warranty, highlighting their unmatched durability and offering an exceptional advantage in the display market.

The enduring popularity of Nomadic's pop up stands is a tribute to their functionality. Even now, they remain a go-to choice for delivering impactful, professional graphic presentations. These stands are not only compact and lightweight but also incredibly simple to assemble. The Instand range of pop up displays from Nomadic significantly reduces time and costs associated with storage, transport, and setup

Nomadic's pop-up stands have maintained their popularity for decades due to their unmatched functionality and ease of use. They are designed to be compact and lightweight, facilitating effortless transportation and storage. The simplicity of assembly is another key feature, allowing for quick and easy setup that can significantly reduce the logistical challenges associated with managing and displaying at events. The Instand range of pop-up displays exemplifies the blend of practicality and professional presentation, making them an ideal choice for businesses and exhibitors seeking to make a strong visual impact without the hassle of complex installations. Furthermore, their adaptability means that they can be used in a variety of settings, from trade shows and exhibitions to corporate events and retail environments, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness as a marketing tool.
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curved pop up display stand

Ted Ziegler

Nomadic display founder
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